Wines & Whiskeys Dad Will Love!

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Fathers Day is this week and though it may seem like a last minute gift, getting Dad a great bottle of Whiskey or Wine that matches his personality is just as personal as getting him that really cool personalized Mug that has his favorite “Dad joke.”

We came up with a few of our recommendations for wines and whiskeys depending upon the type of Dad you have!

Goofy Dad

Looking for a great Dad Joke, or someone to make you laugh so hard the milk comes out of your nose, meet the Goofy Dad. His favorite activities include narrating videos of his children, embarrassing them until they’re bright red, and usually is very good at tripping and falling over everything.

If you’ve got a goofy Dad, make sure to get him a bottle of WhistlePig 10 year Rye. Well rounded bottle of whiskey, easy to drink on the rocks and has such a perfect blend of sweet and smoky. An easy whiskey Dad will appreciate, and likely try to make a pun from the name.

Helicopter Dad

If Dad gives you Robert Dinero vibes, he might be the Helicopter Dad. Always watching over and only wants the best for you. In his eyes, nothing is good enough for you. He’s got you on Find My Friends and is waiting by the door at 10pm on Saturday if you were out late with your friends. Now that you’re a little older, he’s always staring down your significant other at the dinner table and inviting himself over to fix the TV or the door hinges on your apartment.

If this is your Dad, he needs a bottle of 2017 Anonymous Red Blend from Napa Valley’s 1849 Wine Co. This wine is delicious but needs a careful eye. Once it’s aged to perfection, you’ll definitely want to enjoy it. The perfect combination of bold and fruit forward as well as having a soft kiss of oak. Every helicopter Dad may seem tough on the exterior, but it’s only because they love you so much.

Working Dad

This Dad works late hours trying to make sure the family gets everything they want. He stays late because his boss knows he’s the only one for the job, and he knows it will contribute to his bonus. He wants the world for his kids, but sometimes he’s not always around. But when he gets the chance to spend it with his family, he values it. There’s nothing better in this world than it.

For this Dad, get him a bottle of Barlow Family Vineyards 2018 Cabernet Sauvignon. This Napa valley wine is from a small family producer and is made by family for family adding to its value. They value their family as much as your working Dad does!

Hipster Dad

The hipster Dad is all about good vibes, unique perspectives and of course wearing anything and everything that has a meaning. He likes to take walks through nature and does most of his work in the local artisanal coffee shop. He may like to collect vintage records and stamps on the side.

Get him the Crunchy Roastie from Stolpman in Los Olivos’ So Fresh natural wines line. This wine is made with natural fermentation processes and minimal intervention. Something unique and delicious that he can enjoy like his artisanal coffee!

Football Dad

Football Dads need crushable drinks that they can keep in their big chairs alongside chips and his hotdog. Summer Saturdays are for BBQing in the backyard, and in late summer they’re for college football. He needs something that will quench his thirst, he needs a drink that doesn’t stop.

This Dad needs some of our favorite RTDs. Try the Whiskey Mule from Cutwater Spirits! Comes in a pack of four and are as crushable as ever. Light and refreshing with that perfect amount of whiskey to ginger ratio.

Written By Amanda Greenbaum

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