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We are happy to report that The Millennial Wine Beer & Spirits Competition is taking steps to become more earth friendly. As part of our green efforts, we will be emailing all winning certificates. We are encouraging everyone to submit their samples online or via email. The certificates can be printed and used in digital and printed media.


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Please Note:
- The registration fee for each entry is $110
- Multiple entry discount: The first three entries are $110 each. Every additional entry is $100

If you checked the box above, you must contact our import partner, Park Street Imports LLC at competitions@parkstreet.com
Please put "The Millennial Wine Beer & Spirits Competition" in the subject line of the e-mail.
Please note, the import assistance fee per shipment/Cola waiver ($60) will be charged at check out.

Blended wines must have varietal %'s entered.
Varietal wines must contain at least 75% of the varietal, or it must be entered in a blend category.
Entries with residual sugar over 0.1% must have residual sugar % entered.

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