Why Langeudoc-Roussillon Is Going to Shine Amongst Millennials

Why Langeudoc-Roussillon Is Going to Shine Amongst Millennials

The goal of the millennial consumer is to get the most, for the least. When it comes to wine and spirits, we mean they want an experience, they want to learn something new, they want something memorable, and all for a low price.

And this brings our attention to the beautiful French AOC, Languedoc-Roussillon. The Languedoc-Roussillon expands along the water between the Pyrenees Mountains of Spain in the south and Provence in the north. Being so large, there are so many different microclimates that have given such character to the area. And the best part about this area, is that these wines are delicious and inexpensive.

LR is all about BLENDS. They have tons of delicious red, white and rosé blends. In the past blends were stigmatized because they were not the pure form of the fruit and therefore could be perceived as worse. But over time, blends have become some of the most popular styles of wine ie. Bordeaux Blends, Rosé Champagne, Cape Blend, the list goes on.

The LR has so many different varieties so it’s almost easier for the consumer to classify the wines as blends. Then they can continue to recreate new styles which leads to a more interesting portfolio.

Their red wines typically include varieties like Carignan, Syrah, Grenache and Mourvedre. These grapes create a beautiful and lush full bodied red wine with loads of fruit and floral flavors. Their whites are from Picpoul, Grenache blanc, Grenache Gris and Clairette to name a few. The rosés are either a combination of these or made from a red variety that undergoes minimal skin contact. These wines are similar to Provence but not as mineral. But these are just a few of the many!

So what are the top 3 reasons a millennial would choose wines from LR?

  1. Millennials like approachable wines. These wines are approachable because they’re not overly complex, overly tannic, or too bitter. We’ve found that millennials are often turned off by large bold varietals and tend to be more interested in wines that are fruitier and less full bodied.
  2. Millennials like inexpensive wines. Some of their top selling products in the US retail for $7 per bottle.
  3. Millennial wine drinkers enjoy a larger variety of wine styles than previous generations. The LR region has everything from Sparkling, to rosé, to deep red wines which allows for so many different options.

So next time you’re in the store, check out the Languedoc-Roussillon wines! Ask your store clerk for help!

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