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Interview with Wine Judge: Casleah Herwaldt

We got the chance to catch up with one of our judges, Casleah Herwaldt, who helped award several wines during our 2019 and 2020 Wine Competitions. Cas shared a little about herself and her wine preferences as a millennial working in the wine industry. Here’s what she said… Tell us about yourself!  Hi! My name […]

The Juice

What’s the Deal with the VIN-fluencer Controversy?

Maybe you’ve heard about the vin-fluncer controversy, maybe you haven’t. Maybe you have no clue what a vin-fluencer is. Wherever you’re at in this current debacle, we’re here to help hash out the details… and of course, give you our opinion.  Vin-fluencers, or wine influencers, are influential bloggers and vloggers with a taste for wine, […]