St Patricks Day Wine?

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St Patricks Day Wine?

St. Patrick’s day is right around the corner and that means time for green beer and Irish whisky right? Well what if you’re not the biggest beer or whiskey drinker in town and you’d like to celebrate with a tasty glass of wine?

We’ve got you covered with some cool finds in the Irish wine world. So, let’s chat about it!

Ireland is fairly new to the winemaking game. For so long they’ve been known for their beer and whisky. Now, they’re diving in and are considered a winemaking country by European standard. They have full blown regulation to determine which wines can be released to the public just like their sister countries in mainland Europe.

With its location so high above the equator, most wine experts would say it’s too cold in Ireland to make wine. Planting vinifera vines would be difficult especially with maintenance during the colder months. But the Irish were determined to make wines, in any way possible. Therefore, Irish wines are commonly made from several different types of fruits. There are strawberry wines, apple wines, blackberry wines, honey wines, and of course standard grape wines. 

Two wines that have been heavily influenced by Irish history are Mead and Lusca. Mead is a wine made from honey whereas Lusca is a wine made originally from Llewellyn’s Orchard. This is a dry red wine and is sometimes made sparkling with Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. These two styles are made in countryside regions like Cork and North County Dublin. 

Wineries you may want to get to know:

Thomas Walk Vineyard: Producing sustainable wines in the South of Ireland, the Thomas Walk Vineyard was the first winery to produce red wine from red grapes planted on the Island. The Thomas Walk Vineyard is closed to the public, however their crossbred beauty known as the Amurensis Walk variety is not one to miss. This variety is known to have flavors of dark red cherries and blackberries and it pairs well with a kiss of oak.

Móinéir Irish Wines: One of the large Irish wineries producing sustainable berry wines in the Northern part of the Island. Known for their blackberry wine and new strawberry wine this is a must taste as it is quintessential Ireland. A family owned winery and a beautiful location to visit as well.

Bunratty Mead and Liquor Co.: Honey wine being produced by the finest hives in Ireland. Mead was discovered and created by Irish monks back in the middle ages. As with most alcohol, this particular drink was believed to be magical promoting fertility. It was customary for a bride and groom to drink mead on their honeymoon in the hopes of jumpstarting the production of their offspring. Combined with locally grown herbs, this honey was then created into a wine to be enjoyed by lovers and loved ones.

Will you try Irish wines?

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