So….Where the Heck is my Wine?

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The effects of this COVID-19 pandemic has spewed over into more than just a crisis of health, but it has affected businesses tremendously, as we’ve seen. One of the most prominent issues has been the notorious problems around importing. How did we get here? Let’s look at the timeline:

March 18, 2020: COVID Pandemic Shelter in Place Mandate comes into place in the United States. The world virtually stops. Factories stop producing, people are stuck in their homes worried about a potentially airborne virus. Borders of most countries are closed to citizens only. 

May 2020: Masks required but all 50 states begin to reopen businesses. 

December 2020: Vaccines started to become available throughout the US for elderly and front line workers.

April 15th 2021: Vaccine available for all.

June 15th 2021: Mask mandates lifted in more progressive states. Many states never had a mask requirement, just a recommendation. Changes from county to county.

Meanwhile, during this time, some factories have reopened and some have not. 

Now during this time, we start experiencing some problems in the wine industry: lack of glass bottles, lack of corks, too much wine being produced and no way to bottle it. And if it is bottled, shipping is so backed up due to online shopping and no one producing the products.

Which brings us to December 2021: the Holidays. In the industry, this time of year is called OND an acronym for October, November, December. In October is when businesses generally start promoting holiday shopping. November is Black Friday and December is Christmas.

Now that you’re caught up, you’re probably wondering, so where is my wine? The truth is, due to all of these issues, most wines are still stuck off shore, on shipping containers waiting to get into the country. As ports began to open, there were so many products just waiting to get into the hands of their consumers. So it may be a minute before you get your hands on that Chianti or Champagne this year. 

As the holidays have finally subsided, and the OND months have passed, there are more opportunities for these products to come into the states, and to be sent over to their respective customers.

Will this influx after the holidays alter the price points, as new wines are released? Will there be a surge of wine purchases in January? Or, is January going to be a relatively dry month? We’ll have to find out! 

But to be sure you have wine stocked for this month, you can always shop locally and learn about the wines near to you that are available.

Written by Amanda Greenbaum

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