Our Support Doesn’t Stop After the Competition

We Continue to Help Our Winners Win with Consulting Services

While the competition helps create massive brand awareness, drives sales and generates great feedback, once the competition is over we also help our winners continue to push towards their goals.
We conduct extensive daily research to understand the habits, trends and preferences of millennial adult beverage consumers. And then, we give it all to you through our consulting services.
We are continuously gaining deeper insight into the market. For instance, we conduct surveys with millennials to understand their customer behavior and preferences better. We pass on this deeper insight to you through our services.
We offer consulting services such as:

Influencer Press Tastings

Let us lead your clients through a tasting of your wines and share your story to make a real impact. This includes a sit-down tasting with 6-8 influential millennial tastemakers. Let our in-house wine and spirit experts, sommeliers and mixologists craft phenomenal pairings with your products to share your expertise.

Influencer Seeding

Millennials trust each other to provide them with insights on what’s new and what they should buy, so let us bring your product to the millennial consumer. With our repertoire of influential millennials, we can send them a box with your product along with a tasting glass and other small gifts. They will share these boxes with their followers. We’ll also include a card with information about your winery or distillery, the story and perfect ways to enjoy it.

Virtual Tastings

Share your story while we interview you! Join us on Instagram or Zoom to share your products with potential consumers. Millennials enjoy learning and experiencing products in an authentic way, so let us bring you directly to them on social media.

Press Tip Activations

Millennial Wine Beer & Spirits Competition produces press trip activations that not only authentically promote client products but also sell a lifestyle surrounding the brand.

Branded Events

Millennial Wine Beer & Spirits Competition produces a number of experiential events including large scale branded activations, pop-up activations, branded brunches/dinners, panel discussions, and beyond.

Contact us to learn more about our services or click on Wine registration or Spirits registration to enter the competition.