Sangria in the Summer

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During the summertime, everyone loves a tasty glass of Sangria! Red, White, Rosé, you name it, it’s a popping drink! So how did sangria get its name? In fact, where does Sangria even come from?

Let’s dive into the history of Sangria and then we’ll share one of our favorite recipes with you! 

The term sangria used for the drink can be traced back to the 18th century. Sangria was first found in areas of Greece and slowly made its way up the Iberian Peninsula. The most common place where you’ll find historic Sangria recipes are from Spain and Portugal. 

In the beginning, Sangria was originally aged red wine mixed with fruit and spices, such as cinnamon. Mixing this Spanish wine known as Tempranillo with fruit and spices made the concoction look like sangre, the Spanish word for blood. Aged red wines, and specifically Spanish and Portugese wines tend to have a blood like color. 

Tempranillo tends to have very savory notes. This wine often presents with dried fruits, clay or terracotta notes as well as tomato leaf. That being said, to those who prefer sweeter wines, the way to make this wine more palatable was by adding fruit, juices and spices.

Over time, this drink has evolved to be a sweet fruity concoction with a wine base and can be made with any type of wine and often are accompanied with spirits. Some of the most common recipes include liqueurs, brandies and more to add flavor!

Here are some of our favorite summer recipes:

A Red Wine Simple Sangria (Makes 1 Pitcher)

• 4oz citron vodka

• fresh fruit cut up: apples, oranges, berries.

• 6oz Orange juice

• 6oz cranberry juice

• 1 bottle of any red wine

• 1.5oz simple syrup

Soak fruit in the vodka overnight. Pour all ingredients into a large pitcher together with some ice. Stir together until mixed well.

Stupid Good Sangria! (Makes 1 pitcher)

• 1/2 cup fruity white wine

• 1/4oz Grand Marnier

• 1/4oz Elderflower liqueur

•1/4oz Lychee liqueur

• Cranberry juice 

• Orange Flavored Sparkling water

• Maraschino Cherries

Pour wine, Grand Marnier, elderflower liqueur and lychee liqueur into a pitcher with ice. Add a splash of cranberry juice and orange sparkling water for taste. Garnish with Maraschino cherries. Stir and serve.

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La Sangria De Alma (Makes 1 glass)

• 6oz Malbec Wine

• 1 Tangerine

• 1 Lime

• 1 strawberry

• 2 blueberries

• 1 blackberry

• 1 Raspberry

• 1/2oz Simple Syrup

Squeeze Tangerine and lime juices into a cup. Add 1/2 oz simple syrup, wine and stir. Gently add ice cubes to a wine glass. Along with berries. Pour in mixed drink into a wine glass. Stir and sip!

Written by Amanda Greenbaum

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