Mexican Whiskey: The Next Mexican Beverage Take Over…

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Mexican Whiskey: The Next Mexican Beverage Take Over…

First came Tequila and then the Mexican lager. Currently the wine market is exploding with Mexican wines, especially from Valle de Guadalupe and people are getting to know mezcal. So what’s the next way that Mexico can out-do themselves with alcoholic beverages? Whiskey. And they do a really great job at it. Let’s dive in!

So what is a Mexican whiskey? 

In the United States, whiskey can be made of any grain mash. Depending upon how much of each grain and where it’s produced, the style of whiskey can change. We have popular grain and sour mash brands like Jack Daniels, and we have popular Bourbon brands like Maker’s Mark. In the United States, for a whiskey to be classified as Bourbon, it must be made with at least 51% corn. For it to be classified as Rye, it must be at least 51% rye. If it’s made with a grain mash, it can be classified as whiskey.

Heirloom Corn

Mexican whiskey is generally made from heirloom corn varieties, many grown in Oaxaca. Using this corn and a simple copper pot still, some of the most intricate tasting whiskeys are born. Lately, the heirloom corn varieties used have been mostly yellow, white and black corn which have produced these different flavors. Using blue and purple corn is more difficult as that is a scarce commodity. If farmers can find a way to produce these more often, there’s no telling how different and exciting the whiskeys might taste.

In the US market, there are mainly white, black and yellow corn whiskeys produced with a general blend of 85% corn and 15% barley. 

What does it taste like? Think corn tortillas with maple syrup, but more elegant and complex. These whiskeys can get up to as much at 90 proof. Aged in American oak or used French oak barrels, the mix of the coconut and dill, or vanilla and cinnamon flavors, along with the maize, truly makes for something unique. With the heirloom varieties tasting more than just sweet, you know what you’re drinking is from Mexico and not Kentucky bourbon. 

But we think you’ll have to try it for yourself.

What are some brands we recommend you try?

  1. Abasolo 100% Ancestral Corn Whiskey
  2. Sierra Norte
  3. Pierde Almas

So why do we think Millennials will flock to this craft whiskey?

  1. Charitable: Abasolo has done multiple bouts of donations of profit. Most recently, Abasolo has partner with Another Round Another Rally, which is a nonprofit organization based in Phoenix. The money from ARAR goes to support members of the hospitality industry who were devastated by the COVID-19 pandemic.
  2. Going Back to Tradition: As Natural and Ancestral method wines become more popular with the millennial generation, so does reviving old craft distilling techniques. Utilizing Ancestral aging methods to produce this whiskey, this sense of respect for previous production and use of as natural as a process as possible really resonates with the millennial producer.
  3. Price: The price on these products are really reasonable with the average price being $35 a bottle. Millennials are always looking for the deal. To get something delicious and craft without having to spend too pretty of a penny definitely catches their eyes. 

Look into trying some Mexican Whiskeys this summer. You might surprise yourself.

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