Irene Walton

Irene Walton

Baker & YouTube Personality

Irene Walton is a baker, content creator, and classroom instructor at Milkbar. She runs a popular YouTube channel and has created a cooking and baking series called “Dead Dad’s Kitchen” where she shares her dead dad’s recipes and invites her friends to do the same!

Irene started caring about wine from a young age. She always wondered, why would mom drink something that tastes like wood and cat pee? As she grew up she found that it was a lot more than that; It was a way to learn more about science, make friends, create good conversations, and of course get men to notice her.

She started selling her cookies at a local wine and beer bar and spent hours every weekend drinking in all the information that the wine purchaser had to offer. This allowed her to start branching out and trying new things on her own.

While Irene is no stranger to the bottom shelf at a grocery store wine aisle, she has traveled all around to boutique wineries in California and Texas, tasting and enjoying the wine world as she goes.

Although Irene has no formal training in wine tasting, she is just loud enough to get you to listen to her humble opinions. We’re excited to have Irene as part of our Wine & Spirits tasting panel!