Interview with Wine Judge: Irene Walton

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We wanted to take the time to chat with one of our returning judges, Irene Walton, who has been judging for Millennial Competition since 2019. Irene is a millennial content creator and wine lover. Here’s what she said…

Tell us about yourself!

Hi!! I’m Irene Walton. I am a food content creator based in, and from sunny Los Angeles, California! My favorite color is yellow and I have very strong opinions about pasta shapes. 

What got you interested in wine?

My momma! My mom has always enjoyed a glass of wine, and would occasionally let me taste whatever she was sipping. While she’s never been too picky about price points or regions she definitely has her tastes which I feel I have acquired (Sauv-y B, baybeeee!!).

What has your experience been as a judge for Millennial Competition? 

I found the experience to be exhilarating!! Amanda and Oli made my first competition fun, and breezy while still making sure that the seriousness of what we were doing was not lost on us. I felt confident in tasting multiple wines because they gave me the tools to do so. By my second season judging I felt like a pro!! I have truly loved my experience with the Millennial Competition and feel truly lucky and grateful every time I am asked to participate. 

What’s your favorite wine and food pairing(s)?

Ooh! Great q! My favorite wine and dinner pairings are probably a super chilled Sauvignon Blanc with fresh fish tacos (oh my gosh, I now know what I’m having for lunch). And I looove a Cab Sav with a freshly baked salted chocolate chip cookie. Yum. 

What is your advice to consumers buying grocery store wine?

I say know your general tastes; dry white, sweet red, etc. and what they’re called (Sauv Blanc, Lambrusco – you get the gist)! If you can start there then find that section in your local grocery store (I am partial to TJ’s, for sure) and then get one price point up from where you are most comfortable! It’s fun to try new things, too! Maybe just walk by a new section, close your eyes and grab!

Thanks for chatting with us Irene! We can’t wait to see your picks for next year’s competition.

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