Daiquiri: A Guaranteed Summertime Crowd Pleaser

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Summertime means sipping on a frozen cocktail by the pool, it’s about time to dive into some daiquiri history and popular variations that are a must try this season!  Let’s talk about it! 

You may be surprised to learn that that strawberry daiquiri you order on vacation was nothing close to the original recipe.

A classic daiquiri is usually made with the ingredients rum, lime juice, and sugar. Generally it’s a shaken cocktail served in a coupe glass with a lime wedge. Over time that knowledge has changed and now when we think of a Daiquiri we think of a frozen rum drink with strawberries, sugar and well, something super tasty and easy to drink.


This cocktail was invented by an American mining engineer in Cuba during the Spanish-American war before it was later introduced to the clubs in New York.  The drink was originally poured in a tall glass with cracked ice and rum, and sugar and lime juice mixed on top. 

The daiquiri later evolved into being mixed in a shaker with shaved ice instead, and then poured into a chilled coupe glass.  This localized drink did not reach popular recognition until the 1940s, and is said to be both Ernest Hemingway and John F. Kennedy’s favorite drink of choice. 

Rum, which was deemed a drink for sailors, soon became known as fashionable and trendy after Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Good Neighbor Policy which opened up trade and travel relations with Latin America, Cuba and the Caribbean, and therefore kickstarted the rise of daiquiri popularity in the US.


A Hemingway Daiquiri or Hemingway Special contains two and a half jiggers (or 2oz) of white rum, the juice of two limes (or 2oz lime juice) and half a grapefruit, six drops of maraschino liqueur, and no sugar. 

Other popular daiquiri variations include an Avocado daiquiri, which is a regular daiquiri with half an avocado, and a banana daiquiri which uses half a banana. 

Frozen daiquiris, which are created using finely pulverized ice and poured from a blender, are mostly fruit flavored variants, such as a strawberry daiquiri (pureed whole strawberries, rum, cane sugar and lime juice) or an Old Rose Daiquiri (Strawberry syrup, rum, and two teaspoons of sugar and lime juice.) 

A Mulata Daiquiri utilizes rum mixed with either coffee or chocolate liqueur, lime juice and sugar syrup.

So next time you order a Daiquiri at the bar, make sure you let them know which one!

Written By Morgan Garberg

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