Camp in Style at Coachella with these “Tent-Ready” Cocktails

The Juice

With Coachella coming up soon, we know it’s an exciting time in Southern California. And if you’re planning on car camping, we wanted to have your bases covered. Due to Coachella Festival’s regulations on alcohol in the campgrounds, we wanted to give you some great recipes to make right in your tents! Here are some beer and wine based cocktails you can make from your tent while enjoying the fun times at the festival!  We are hoping that everyone has an absolute blast at this year’s music festival, and remember, no glass allowed!



  • Your favorite beer
  • Pineapple juice

This simple concoction only requires filling a cup with equal parts beer and pineapple juice.  Better yet, add a splash of rum to the mixture if you are able too!



  • Fine salt
  • Tajin
  • Lime wedge
  • Lime juice
  • Mexican lager beer

First start by creating a salt rim to bring out the drink flavor, the key ingredient to a good Chelada!  Mix together equal parts fine salt and tajin on a plate.  Use a lime wedge to rub around the cup rim, and dip the edge of the cup into the salt mixture.  Next, add a splash of lime juice to the cup for a subtle zing, ice, and your favorite Mexican-style lager.  Pair with some street tacos or guacamole!

Image from thespruceats.com



  • Chili powder 
  • salt
  • 12 oz Mexican lager beer
  • 3 tbsp Lime juice
  • 1 tbsp Salsa juice or tomato juice
  • 1 tsp Worcestershire sauce
  • 1 tsp Hot sauce (we recommend cholula)

While a Chelada features a Mexican lager with lime, a Michelada is simply like a Bloody Mary but instead made beer!  Mix equal parts chili powder and salt on a plate for the rim, run a lime wedge around the rim of a cup, and dip the edges into the salt mixture.  Stir together lime juice, salsa or tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce, and hot sauce.  Fill the cup with ice, top with the beer and stir gently. 

Black Velvet Drink


  • 3 oz sparkling wine, like a dry champagne or prosecco
  • 3 oz stout beer, like Guinness

This beer cocktail uses both champagne and beer to give off notes of coffee and chocolate, but the light fruity bubbles of champagne.  First pour the sparkling wine into a flute or highball.  Next, pour in the stout, stir and allow to sit for a minute.  Cheers!

Image from liquor.com 

Summer Shandy


  • 1 oz Lemon juice 
  • 1 oz Simple syrup
  • 4 oz Soda water
  • 6 oz Craft wheat beer

Stir together the simple syrup and lemon juice.  Add the soda water and beer, and stir together.  Garnish with a lemon wedge if desired.

Rose Spritzer 

  • 3 oz rose wine, chilled
  • 1 oz soda water
  • Thyme sprig for garnish

Pour the wine in a cup and add the soda water.  Gently stir, garnish and enjoy!  Swap out the rose wine for red wine instead to make it a red wine spritzer if desired.

We hope you enjoy these tent cocktails! Take a picture and tag us on social media to be featured! Drink responsibly!

Written By Morgan Garberg

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