About the Event

The Millennial Competition is a new Take on Adult Beverage Competitions


The Millennial Generation is the largest adult beverage consuming generation on the planet. Today, more than ever before, we are exposed to several different types and styles of wines, beers, and spirits. Through our competition, we connect the producers to the consumers. Our influential millennial judges score your products thus providing you insight to the millennial palate.


  • We utilize a blind tasting method. Our Judges only know how many wines beers or spirits they are tasting and their respective class codes.
  • Each of the judges receives a scoring sheet where they provide their self-scores of Gold, Silver, Bronze or No Medal.
    Gold: Delicious, high quality, easy to consume and shows depth and complexity. Would drink every day.
    Silver: Impressive, has complexity, and good character.
    Bronze: Unflawed, straightforward, enjoyable.
  • After each judge scores separately, a group of judges will deliberate their scores on the same products to provide a group score for each product.
  • If all of the judges scored the same product Gold individually, that product will automatically be sent to the “Best of the Best Tasting Round” and receive a Double Gold medal.
  • During the “Best of the Best” Tasting, all double gold products will be re-tasted by all of the judges to determine which products are to receive the best of the best in Class and in the Show awards.




We provide your end consumers. Our select Social Media Influencer judges will expose the medallion to a big audience, making the medallion, and your product’s quality recognizable to the millennial market. We connect our judges to you, to promote your medallion winning products.


We provide information on products that receive high scores. These high scores are distinguishable by our Millennial Competition Medallions (Double Gold, Gold, Silver, Bronze). Your favorite Social Media Influencers, Beverage Directors, Actors and more are the people who select these products and determine their quality.


In order to protect the reputations of those brands that were not awarded medals we have chosen not to disclose the names of all those who have entered. Our privacy policy is founded on the belief that every brand should have the opportunity to improve the quality of their product, maintaining a clean slate for future competition.