This Or That…What Millennials are Drinking This Summer!

The Juice

We played a fun game of This or That with a handful of Millennials who enjoy drinking adult beverages. Here’s what they’ve chosen!

Hard Seltzer vs. Sparkling Wine

Hard seltzers won, but not by so much. Why might this be? Likely, the simplicity of having cans, the calorie count, and the fact that canned hard seltzers have been taking over the market. Ironically, we’ve found that Millennials prefer higher alcohol content products yet they chose the seltzer which is generally around 5% alcohol. The sparkling wine is likely around 12.5%. This shows us that Millennials are more interested in the trend than the alcohol content itself.

Espresso Martini vs. Negroni

The typical digestif vs. aperitif complex. Espresso Martinis have recently become more popular this year. During the summer when it’s hot outside, there’s nothing better than a popsicle or an ice cream. The Espresso Martini hits a lot of those markers. It tastes like a milkshake, looks fancy, has a ton of alcohol, and on top of all that, has caffeine for energy. Looks like a triple threat. The Negroni is not as popular as Millennials don’t often love the bitter aftertaste of Campari. I recently dawned on a new recipe for a mezcal Negroni that replaces Campari with Aperol, gin with mezcal, and adds a splash of pineapple juice. Perhaps that could get the Millennials more into amari.

Margaritas vs. Palomas

There’s no question we knew who would win this bet. For the past several summers Margaritas have been the go-to drink. Tequila being a lower calorie spirit, generally, alongside the sweet and sour flavor and hint of orange, these drinks are as refreshing as a dip in the pool. But then this begs the question, why not Palomas? The big reason? Grapefruit. Generally speaking grapefruit is a hit or miss, you love it or you hate it. You can make a grapefruit margarita which would be a hit for Paloma lovers. However, Palomas are not as well known or as commonly seen on a drink menu therefore it’s not generally interesting. If only Millennials knew about the calorie count of a Paloma that is made with fresh grapefruit juice, perhaps they’d reconsider.

Moscow Mule vs. Mojito

This did not surprise us either. If you ask a Millennial what the base spirit in a Mojito is, you’ll often hear “vodka.” Which of course they’d be wrong. However, the mojito masks the flavor of the silver rum to where you cannot truly taste it for what it is. The mojito is fun with muddled mint, the Moscow Mule is tasty because of ginger beer. Possible reasons why Millennials chose the mojito? 1) Ginger beer is highly caloric generally close to 100 calories per serving. 2) Mojitos have fresh mint, a change from the standard lemon/lime only. 3) Mojitos, when made correctly, are a little less sweet.

Mai Tai vs. Whiskey Sour

This was actually quite shocking. But perhaps palates have changed since it is summer time once again. Whiskey drinkers will always prefer a whiskey. Mai Tais are part of the tiki family with their rum base. Reasons for selecting a Mai Tai over a whiskey sour: 1) Higher alcohol content 2) Tropical flavor 3) If you do not prefer whiskey. Reasons for selecting a Whiskey Sour over a Mai Tai: 1) Not as sweet 2) Prefer whiskey drinks 3) Generally a bit more year-round friendly.

Gin and Tonic vs. Vodka Soda

Gin pulled ahead this time, and that’s probably because its company is not flavorless. We decided to put the same picture just to remind everyone how similar these drinks are. The only difference in these drinks is that tonic water is flavored with quinine (lemon-lime-citrus flavor) and gin is botanically flavored vodka. The gin and tonic is a classic and refreshing drink that boosts your vitamin C while you enjoy it. A great simply drink for the summer, or last call at your local bar. Yes, we know this is where you end up.

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