6 Wines To Pair With Grilling

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The sun is shining and the grill is calling our name. Today we’re sharing with you six wines that we think are TOP NOTCH for grilling…you will thank us for sharing with you later!

When you’re out by the grill, you might be cooking up a whole bunch of things: steaks, veggies, fish, chicken. We’ve asked our friends what they’re most likely to grill up and picked some of our favorite selections for you to try at home.

1. Hamburgers and Obvious Wines Noº1 Red Dark & Bold

Nothing like a deliciously spicy and peppery wine to pair well with a hamburger. The pepper and the black fruit notes seamlessly intertwine with delectably juicy burgers. Add some cheddar and you’re golden. This wine is decadent enough to match up to a big fat burger, but easy to enjoy. At only $18, this is your kick back, relax and grill kind of wine!

2. Grilled Salmon and La Crema Sonoma Coast Chardonnay

La Crema makes one of the most widespread Chardonnays on the market. Their Pinots are pretty popular too. We wanted to pair a grilled salmon with a Sonoma Coast Chardonnay and one you could easily find at the store. This chardonnay is perfect for grilling. It’s light and crisp with great orchard fruit notes. It has a little bit of that butter texture to help guide the salmon down your palate. With every sip, you’ll be so excited to take another bite of that moist, rich, grilled salmon!

3. Hot Dogs and Marques De Riscal Rioja Reserva

This may be the perfect pairing and here’s why: First off, Rioja is generally aged in American oak barrels which give you a delicious dill flavor. Did someone say relish?! Secondly, with smooth textures, lovely dried fruits and savory notes, the Rioja is the perfect match. If your hot dogs are made from pork, the birthplace of Rioja wines is in a country dominated by jamón. You can’t go wrong with pork and Rioja! And if you really want to, throw this wine in with some juice to make the perfect sangria.

4. Grilled Artichoke or Corn on the Cob and Lucien Albrecht Alsatian Pinot Gris

Both corn and artichoke are some of the most difficult pairing foods because of how they alter wines. Their chemical composition makes wines taste sweeter than they are. So how do you pair foods like this? The easiest way is by choosing a wine that is generally sweet or can taste sweet. Often, people will use sparkling wines or off dry ones for this. Alsatian Pinot Gris is fun because it can be off-dry or dry. The Pinot Gris has lovely stone fruit flavors and a bit of an oily texture that will feel like silk on your tongue. And with the hint of bitterness on the wine, it will melt away with the flavors of the artichoke and the corn. We highly recommend it!

5. BBQ Chicken and Abacela Winery Rosé

A silver medal-winning rosé is absolutely a fabulous pairing with BBQ chicken. This Rosé of Grenache is just refreshing and crisp enough to enjoy when the grill is blowing hot smoke in your face (Ha!). However, it also has strength in fruit and savory flavors to match up to the smoky and sweet flavors of the BBQ sauce on your chicken. Southern Oregon gets a lot warmer than the northern portion of the state and you can extract ripe fruit flavors in wines like this one. Enjoy this with your next BBQ chicken!

6. Charred Grilled Shrimp and Granbazán Etiqueta Verde Albariño

Nothing like a delicious charred grilled shrimp and a tangy Albariño! Pour on some cilantro sauce and we’ve got a fabulous pairing. The bright floral aspect mixed with the bright and zesty flavors will be greeted with the delicious savory notes of grilled seafood. The salinity in the wine will match the salinity in the fish and will make you crave more and more! 

Click on the links for each of the bottles to find out where you can purchase them! With 4th of July right around the corner, you may want to stock up with the wines that match your family recipes. Cheers to grilling up delicious foods and drinking exquisite wines all summer long!

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