6 Whiskeys for your Hot Toddy

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6 Whiskeys for your Hot Toddy

Let’s just clear the air right now, the Hot Toddy is not a code name for a hot guy named Todd…although I’m sure some Todds have that nickname…

The Hot Toddy is a classic whiskey cocktail made with lemon, cinnamon, hot water and honey syrup. It’s basically the alcoholic equivalent of that tea your Mom made for you when you were sick at home.

Quick back story on this drink: Born in the 1600s in the British Colony of India, the Taddy was quite popular. Taddy was an Indian alcoholic beverage generally mixed with water, spices and sugar. As the Brits did best, they adopted ideas from their colonized lands, fixed them up and “Britain-tized” them.

The Brits loved Scotch Whiskey and adding it to their water: Ever heard of a scotch and soda? A Jack and water? Now you know where that came from. And in the freezing cold winters up in the UK, they mixed hot water with their scotch, and added some sweetener, a hint of lemon and cinnamon. And that is how the Hot Toddy was born.

So here we have a list of Whiskey Recs for your Hot Toddy…take a look and see what you might fancy!

  1. Jameson Whiskey
    An absolute classic. Yes we know we said scotch whiskey above, but Irish whiskey was quite the option too. As this drink made its way around the world, Jameson would champion both the Hot Toddy and the Irish Coffee.
  2. Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon
    A rather rich and luscious bourbon will blend perfectly with the honeysuckle and citrus notes in this drink. Four Roses is sweet yet spicy which acts almost like an elegant Taddy in this drink. Try it at home!
  3. Whistle Pig Old World Cask Finish 12 year Rye Whiskey
    Old world fruit brings back flavors from England where this drink became popular. Whistle Pig is a delicious rye whiskey that pays homage as they say “American Rye styled by Old World sensibilities.” A rather fabulous option for this cocktail!
  4. Basil Hayden’s Kentucky Straight Bourbon
    If you’re looking for a bit more sassy, this will be your go-to. A great “bang for your buck,” this bourbon tastes like $100 but you can get it for $40 a bottle. Smoky with hints of black pepper, vanilla and brown sugar makes this a great option for a spirit forward Toddy. A wonderful choice to pair with the cinnamon and spice flavors of the drink.
  5. Buffalo Trace
    A fabulous and well respected whiskey. This whiskey has deep flavors of vanilla and smoke, hints of spice and a whole lot of toffee. A favorable flavor when enjoying a Hot Toddy.
  6. Bulleit Bourbon Whiskey
    This is a truly well done Bourbon. Classic and consistent, the flavors of this bourbon are sweet and syrupy without forgetting to pack a punch of spice, and a hint of smoke. An easy Whiskey to find anywhere and a tasty one for all kinds of whiskey cocktails. 


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