6 LGBTQ+ Owned Wineries & Distilleries you MUST Try!

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It’s Pride month! And we’re here to support and lift each other up. This month we recognize members of the LGBTQ+ community; their stories, their struggles, their voices and their rights. 

We wanted to take the time to recognize some amazing wines and spirits made from LGBTQ+ community members. We’ve come up with this list and we hope you take the time to check out their fabulous wines and spirits.

Jim Obergefell

Equality Vines

Equality Vines was created to bring equality to wine. Founded by partners Matt Grove and Jim Obergefell, Equality vines was a reaction to the political and cultural climate against equal rights to all. Back in 2015, Jim Obergefell became the lead plaintiff in the landmark Supreme Court case that legalized same-sex marriage across the United States. Through winemaking, he’s been able to bring his work in the court to his work in the winery. They present a portfolio of premium wines that benefit organizations working toward equality for all.  

Theresa Heredia, Winemaker

Gary Farrell Vineyards and Winery

Gary Farrell winemaker Theresa Heredia, an openly gay winemaker, has been at Gary Farrell for almost 10 years. Prior to her work with Gary Farrell, Theresa was a biochemistry student at Cal Poly San Luis Obisbo and a pHd candidate at UC Davis for Biochemistry with an emphasis in enology. During her tenure Theresa has worked to develop her winemaking skills producing site-specific wines from Pinot Noir and Chardonnay planted on the Gary Farrell estate. 

We believe in a culture of inclusiveness and celebrate all ages, races, religions, ethnic minorities and sexual orientations. Equality is a pillar of our business; we commit to cultivating, advocating, and supporting diversity and inclusion within the global food and beverage community.

Gary Farrell Vineyards & Winery
Rhodium Spirits

Rhode Island Spirits

Owned by spouses and distilling dream-team Cathy Plourde & Kara Larson, Rhode Island Spirits and Rhodium Spirits Brand is home to high quality locally produced spirits. They pride themselves on their dedication to gluten free, organic, and kosher products. Their company is rooted in a belief that everyone should be able to enjoy premium spirits that work with their needs. They forage botanical ingredients and partner with local small farms in Rhode Island and the Blackstone Valley where they’re from to provide customers with the ultimate Rhode Island experience.

Tom of Finland Vodka

Tom of Finland

Tom’s vodka was created with the genuine message of acceptance and love. Tom of Finland, above all else, represents the Gay community through positivity and the joyful celebration of wholesome masculinity. Each artistic bottle label is a painting of a beautiful man you may recognize…Freddy Mercury! Tom has been a huge influence in the gay community and a true pioneer in the culture. 

“I want to show that gays can feel happy together – that they have a right to be happy together.”

Tom Finland
Missy & Kristen Koefod

1821 Bitters

At 1821 owners and wives Missy and Kristen have a line of luxurious handcrafted premium cocktail bitters, tinctures, shrubs, syrups, old fashioned tonic, ginger beer, and craft cocktail mix. They use the freshest ingredients and balanced flavor profiles designed to elevate your cocktail! 1821 stands for the two most iconic amendments in American cocktail history: 18th which prohibited alcohol and the 21st which repealed it.

Joey Wolosz and Jeff Durham

Gentleman Farmer

Jeff Durham and Joe Wolosz are making classic California wines up in Napa Valley. In a digital age, their goal is to help us humans reconnect to our world. They believe that humanity and our connection with the analogue world is artisanal and a human need. Each member of their team has been connected to the wine world since a young age. Together they create beautifully unique wines vintage to vintage from Napa.

Be sure to check out these lovely creations from passionate people and appreciate each story that comes with wines and spirits! Happy Pride Month!

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