Month: June 2022

The Juice

High Noon Vs. White Claw… What’s the Difference?

High Noon or White Claw? This has been the primary question amongst millennial beverage drinkers over the past half-decade since the seltzer’s rise to prominence. However, regardless of where you fall on the spectrum, it is crucial to understand that while these beverages may taste similar, their components are entirely different.  Part of safe and […]

The Juice

Wines & Whiskeys Dad Will Love!

Fathers Day is this week and though it may seem like a last minute gift, getting Dad a great bottle of Whiskey or Wine that matches his personality is just as personal as getting him that really cool personalized Mug that has his favorite “Dad joke.” We came up with a few of our recommendations […]

The Juice

Happy National Rosé Day 2022!

Rosé season is upon us! The sun is out, we’re putting our winter coats away, and we’re breaking out the ice bucket and ice cold rosé! This upcoming Saturday is National Rosé Day. Time to enjoy a delicious glass of rosé! Rosé has become vastly popular in the past 15 years. Originally disliked due to […]