Month: April 2022

The Juice

Daiquiri: A Guaranteed Summertime Crowd Pleaser

Summertime means sipping on a frozen cocktail by the pool, it’s about time to dive into some daiquiri history and popular variations that are a must try this season!  Let’s talk about it!  You may be surprised to learn that that strawberry daiquiri you order on vacation was nothing close to the original recipe. A […]

The Juice

Zinfandel, the Great Grape of California

Zinfandel is often considered the only true American wine grape. Now also considered California’s state wine, evidence suggests that this grape was actually brought to California around 1850. DNA analysis shows that it is genetically equivalent to Croatian grapes, Crljenak Kaštelanski and Tribidrag, as well as to the Primitivo variety traditionally grown in Apulia, the […]