Month: January 2022

The Juice

Mezcal is the HOTTEST Spirit On the Market!

And it’s only getting hotter! “Agave Spirits are really really hot right now. Mezcals, Agave spirits, that’s probably the number one [spirit on the market] right now.” Chris Adams, CEO Ellis Adams Group, Mixologist and Hospitality Icon and Millennial Competition Spirits Judge So what is it about mezcal that makes it so sought out? Let’s […]

The Juice

So….Where the Heck is my Wine?

The effects of this COVID-19 pandemic has spewed over into more than just a crisis of health, but it has affected businesses tremendously, as we’ve seen. One of the most prominent issues has been the notorious problems around importing. How did we get here? Let’s look at the timeline: Meanwhile, during this time, some factories […]