Month: June 2021

The Juice

6 Red White & Blue Recipes to Make This 4th of July

With the Fourth of July right around the corner, it’s about time we share some amazing cocktails worthy of your festivities! So we’ve come up with six fabulous recipes to get your party started! Star Spangled HAMMERED 2oz Vodka 1oz Blue Curacao 4oz lemonade Blend in a blender with ice to make a slushie. Pour […]

The Juice

6 Wines To Pair With Grilling

The sun is shining and the grill is calling our name. Today we’re sharing with you six wines that we think are TOP NOTCH for grilling…you will thank us for sharing with you later! When you’re out by the grill, you might be cooking up a whole bunch of things: steaks, veggies, fish, chicken. We’ve […]

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A Summer Favorite: Adult Popsicles

Have you heard about alcoholic freezer pops? This summertime favorite is getting a lot of traction, with brands like Bud Light Seltzer hopping in with their own renditions. These freezer pops usually come in stick formation, looking a lot like an Otter Pop, but with the addition of booze, making the perfect portable frozen cocktail. […]

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6 LGBTQ+ Owned Wineries & Distilleries you MUST Try!

It’s Pride month! And we’re here to support and lift each other up. This month we recognize members of the LGBTQ+ community; their stories, their struggles, their voices and their rights.  We wanted to take the time to recognize some amazing wines and spirits made from LGBTQ+ community members. We’ve come up with this list […]

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What Does It Mean When a Wine is Organic?

We all know the basic definition of organic– produced or involving production without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or other artificial agents. Is it the same for organic wine? Let’s find out. To put it very simply,  To have organically grown grapes requires an entirely different set of practices to maintain the vines. Additionally, […]

The Juice

Summer Cocktails for the Average Millennial

With Summer right around the corner, we thought this would be a fun time for some original cocktails that are going to be easy and fun to make this summer! After doing some research we found that though the low ABV trend is very present, Millennials and Gen Zers are still really pushing the limit […]