Year: 2021

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What’s up with wines down under?

Australia is really big in the wine game even though it might not get as much attention as France, Italy, Spain, or even the US when it comes to it. According to Statista, Australia had the sixth highest wine production in the world in 2020. We thought it was time to shed some light on […]

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Interview with Spirits Judge Wootak Kim

New to the Millennial Competition judging family, welcome Wootak Kim, spirits judge! Wootak is the founder of BarChemistry. He is a mixologist and social media influencer. Let’s get to know him a little better… Tell us a little bit about yourself! I’m 25, about to be 26. I’m Leo, I love anime, snowboarding, reading and […]

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Who Knew? There’s Actually Island Wine!

Since we all wish we were on an island right about now sipping Piña Coladas or Frosé, we decided we’d dive into the wine culture that exists on many islands world wide. Yes, there’s wine on ISLANDS! Let’s talk about it. We’ll start with Madeira, a delicious and sweet fortified wine.  It gets its name […]

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Sangria in the Summer

During the summertime, everyone loves a tasty glass of Sangria! Red, White, Rosé, you name it, it’s a popping drink! So how did sangria get its name? In fact, where does Sangria even come from? Let’s dive into the history of Sangria and then we’ll share one of our favorite recipes with you!  The term […]

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Your Guide to Riesling Wine

Oh, Riesling, you’ve gotten a bad rep. You’re misunderstood and solely thought of as a cheap, sweet wine that you can find anywhere. Well, we are here to set the record straight. Let us re-introduce you to the fruity, aromatic, and vibrant wine that is Riesling.  Where It Came From Riesling is believed to have […]

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Bitters: The Salt & Pepper to Your Cocktails

It’s time we talk about an important addition to all liqueurs, bitters. Bitters are a category of their own. Bitters are cocktail enhancers, just as salt and pepper add to virtually every savory meal. A pinch of salt or pepper can really change the dynamic of your meal. And bitters do the exact same for […]